We can provide the infrastructure, resources, and expertise to successfully launch and run your network. We have extensive experience in helping both new and existing operators optimize their wireless spectrum through our transport solutions. Just one of the many benefits of our service is providing cellular carriers an opportunity to reduce costs associated with SS7 connectivity.


We’re proud to partner with our sister organization, Digital Communications Company, to bring you these transport solutions.

Wireless Business Planning

Allow us to take the hassle out of your wireless deployments. We are dedicated and skilled with helping both current and upcoming operators to optimize their offers and networks.

Wireless Strategy

We pride ourselves on having unique solutions in hand to allow carriers to offer the most efficient and beneficial solutions for their client base. Utilizing DCC will enable you to take your company to the next level with developing trends in wireless technologies and allow you to stand out in the quickly developing telecom industry.

Sigtran/SS7 Signaling

Using dedicated private or VPN connectivity, DCC can create a Geo diverse redundant connection to deliver ANSI/ITU MAP/IS41 connectivity. We are focused on the Tier 3 market and pride ourselves on pricing products to help carriers get started in wireless.

Diameter Signaling (S6/S8)

Leveraging our Geo diverse hosted DRA (Diameter Routing Agents), DCC delivers Diameter messaging needed to enable LTE roaming. This allows carriers to connect to routing partners without the costly need to deploy DRA/DEA Solutions.

GRX (2G/3G Roaming Data)

Geo diverse 2G/3G GRx feeds connect your data core to the global GSM GRX network. Sizing these pipes exactly to your need allows us to price to your need.

IPX - Bearer (LTE Roaming Data)

Geo diverse LTE data connectivity enables LTE data roaming. This service can be delivered over VPN or private circuit.


Redundant connectivity to the global SMS/MMS intercarrier gateway system ensures the best available delivery assurances.

Transport Solutions


  • DSS – Roaming Diameter Signaling
  • DRA – Diameter Routing Agent
  • IPX – Bearer – LTE Roaming Data
  • SMS – IG
  • MMS – IG
  • FCH
  • DCH


  • SS7 – Roaming SS7 Services
  • GRX – Roaming Data
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