Are you looking for a solution where your network is hosted externally, thus reducing your overall project cost? If so, utilize our experience and let us host your network using our flexible and intuitive MVNE services, which support all telecom technologies.


We’re proud to partner with our sister organization, Digital Communications Company, to bring you these transport solutions.

Wireless Business Planning

Are you looking to diversify your offering but you don’t have the hardware or dedicated in-house resources to expand? We have both the personnel and hardware to move your project forward.

Wireless Strategy

We pride ourselves on having unique solutions in hand to allow for carriers to offer the most efficient and beneficial solutions for their client base. Utilizing DCC will enable you to take your company to the next level with developing trends in wireless technologies and allow you to stand out in the quickly developing telecom industry.

Policy Control Features

DCC has numerous engineers on staff with intimate experience with Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, MikroTik, and other major switching platforms.

Fully Featured 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) Switching Platforms

We offer innovative solutions to reduce current or future system complexity and allow you to launch your services faster. Our expertise will enable you to take your network further using a simple and scalable solution. DCC has the ability to switch all radio access network manufacturers (2G, 3G, 4G) and all commercially available spectrum bands (AWS, PCS, 700, and cellular).


DCC has created a cost effective as well as scalable IMS solution that has been tested against many HSS’s. Through partnerships DCC can help carriers find appropriate UE/VoLTE options.

Hosted HSS

Geo diverse HSS nodes utilize an HA db cluster that ensures reliability as well as scalability. Our multitenancy solution also has custom APIs to ensure OSS/BSS integration as well as a user-friendly portal for quick provisioning.


Through partnerships we have access to a scalable HA HLR/VLR/GMSC cluster. This solution allows for hosted roaming call delivery as well as the foundation to many of the custom solutions that we create.

Hosted Data Core

The hosted data core is comprised of a multi-chassis solution that includes (2G/3G) SGSW/GGSN/AAA with the ability to control data usage in real time. (LTE) SGW/MGW/MME/AAA. The LTE solution is standards based and has the capacity to handle millions of subscribers.

Hosted SMSC/MMSC, including SMoIP

DCC has the infrastructure to support hosting your SMSC/MMSC on traditional GSM/CDMA or via LTE. We can custom tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

Hosted Solutions


  • HSS
  • MME
  • IMS Core (MMtel/TAS)
  • DRA
  • HTTP-OTA Server
  • SMSC
  • MMSC
  • AAA


  • USSD Server
  • GGSN
  • STPs
  • GMSC Multi-IMSI Steering Platform
  • Camel/SCP
  • Pre-Paid(Camel/WIN/no-protocol)
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