Case Studies

Learn more about some of the custom solutions we’ve engineered for clients.

  • CDMA HLR to GSM HLR Proxy

    International client has a GSM HLR and wants to roam on CDMA

    Using the DCC network and HLR/VLR technology, DCC engineered a solution that accommodated Inbound/Outbound Voice SMS and MMS services bridged across access technologies and continents. This was accomplished by inserting a proxy HLR/VLR in between the Client GSM network and the Roaming CDMA network. The project also contemplated SIP voice bypass to allow for reduced cost of outbound and inbound calling. Some of the advanced features enabled allowed for Dual MSISDN service that is geolocation enabled. Dual MSISDNs enable local calling / SMS on the GSM network to route efficiently to the Roamed CDMA network, as well as local calling / SMS on the CDMA network efficiently routing back to the home GSM network. This solution enabled immediate roaming as well as reduced extra network expenses associated with international trunking/roaming.

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