About Us

Digital Communication Consulting, LLC (DCC) was formed with a collaborative exchange of new business techniques, and advanced technology concepts and practices to enhance the future of tier 2 and tier 3 telecommunications carriers.

We help our clients grow and prosper in this ever-changing industry and regulatory environment. Creative solutions are our specialty.

What makes us different?

Core Values

Our core values of Service, Creativity, and Innovation mean that DCC will meet you at whatever point your current needs are, and will work with you to design and develop innovative and unique solutions just for you. Our customer-first attitude comes with multi-layered support for a wide range of telecom technologies. Our engineers are experts at problem-solving and our attention to detail helps us see strategies and solutions that others might miss. Operating outside the bounds of convention allows us to engineer from a high-level and pioneer new technologies.


Together our engineers have over 100 years of experience and cutting-edge expertise in a multitude of telecom realms, including land line/CO, ISP, cellular, server (Windows/Linux design), data center, microwave, cellular data, cellular core, cellular voice, and cellular signaling. We understand the nuances of our industry and exercise sound judgment when making decisions. Our extensive technical experience in both creating and troubleshooting enables us to offer state-of-the-art products, comprehensive services, and complete end-to-end solutions to our clients.


We provide personal service to our clients and strive to create solid relationships that stand the test of time. All projects, regardless of scope or size, receive our thorough attention. Our collective knowledge and creative problem solving process allow us to create unique strategies and solutions that are difficult for others to attain. If you have an urgent issue, know that DCC will handle it quickly, calmly, and effectively. You can trust us to provide reliable service and unmatched support.


We provide high-quality, dependable solutions, including Geo diverse data centers, SIM design profiling, fully featured 2G/3G/4G/LTE switching platforms, multi-IMSI steering platforms, and more. We design our unique products with HA and according to industry standard protocols. We create solutions to be scalable and utilize best practice design. Our goal is to provide products that fully meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


DCC is a full-service mobile and wireless communications solutions provider. We can help you achieve faster growth, greater flexibility, and higher profitability from your wireless network. The Geo diverse IPX interconnectivity allows for 2G/3G/LTE roaming (SS7, DSS, GRX, DSS-Bearer, SMS-IG, and MMS-IG. Data clearing services are also offered as well as NRTRDE. We provide multiple paths for maximum protection. You can trust DCC to address your unique challenges and provide a superior wireless experience. Let us help you maintain your competitive edge.

Skill set

From telecom filing to network design, from classic network support to cutting-edge LTE networking, from static networking to BGP – we have the right engineer for the job. The breadth and depth of our technical expertise means that regardless of the complexity of your project, we can create a solution to meet your needs. We are unique in our ability to develop ground-breaking products by mixing legacy with the latest technology and techniques. If you don’t have the time or skill set in-house to get something done, let our expert team assist you.

  • Our range of expertise combined with our creative thinking allows us to innovate new technologies to solve our clients’ most difficult problems. To see some of our success stories, view our client testimonials and case studies.

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